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Ward Powell, Certified Estate Planner™ Chicago, IL


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The Truth About Living Trusts

"The Truth About Living Trusts: How to Protect Your Spouse, Your Children and Your Money"

​If you are thinking about creating a living trust, then you need to know the facts about how a living trust works.

Contact the The Ward Powell Group; Ward Powell, is a Certified Estate Planner™. For over 13 years, we’ve educated and facilitated the preparation of living trusts and estate planning throughout the USA with our national network of estate planning attorneys and advisors.

We've worked with hundreds of families in estate planning, helping them to determine how their assets will be distributed once they’re deceased. Proper estate planning offers you peace of mind, knowing your wishes will be carried out in the event of your demise, and your assets and family will be protected. In our experience, people are often overwhelmed by the very thought of taking on the process of estate planning. For this reason, we offer a FREE 30 minute consultation.

This estate planning and living trust consultation gives you the basics: what an estate is, how to successfully set up an estate plan, and the tools you need to know about to manage an estate. Also, you’ll learn the difference between having a will, electing to have no will, or selecting a living trust. You’ll also learn about the power of attorney.

Here is What You Will Learn:

• How to choose between a standard will and a living trust...
• Step-by-step strategies for avoiding probate...
• How to transfer assets into a living trust...
• How a living trust reduces or eliminates estate taxes...
• How to make sure your estate goes where you want it to go...
• How to find the right attorney without wasting thousands...
• Questions to ask your attorney before you prepare a living trust...
• How to protect assets if you go into a nursing home...
• And much more...


Ward Powell, Certified Estate Planner™ Chicago, IL