Estate Planning
The most critical first step in estate planning is learning about the different options available to you.

With a properly set up estate plan, you can rest easy knowing you have taken care of your assets so that they’ll pass to your heirs without hassle. You get to decide what you want, and when the time comes, it’s your wishes that are carried out.

For families that don’t have a plan in place, that means these major decisions about the assets you worked all your life to gain will now be made by someone else. This is why it’s critical to take the time now—why wait?—and get your plan set up.

Life has twists and turns, and you never know when you may suddenly face a health emergency, or pass away unexpectedly. Having an estate plan in place now means you can relax, knowing that in the event of the undesirable these decisions have already been made and can be executed without additional pain and suffering.

Estate planning is a gift to yourself as well as your family. Should you become incapacitated, you have already stated your wishes for healthcare, and who will manage your estate should you no longer be able to do so. It can alleviate much anguish and heartache for your family to know exactly what you would want.

But first, there are a range of questions you’ll need to consider as you prepare to plan your estate, such as:

  • How do you want to distribute your estate?
  • Who will manage your estate if you can’t?
  • Who do you want to manage your estate when you pass?
  • If you have children, who will care for them?
  • If you become sick, what kind of care do you want?
  • How can you keep taxes from eating up your estate?

While these aren’t the most pleasant questions to consider, they are necessary—and when you take the time to think through them now, you potentially save your family from making these decisions at a very painful and stressful time.

My free estate planning and living trust program can help you get started on the process of planning by explaining your main options, questions to consider and just how the different documents protect you and your estate.

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